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Jordan Brothers’ high standard of excellence and emphasis on superior customer service began more than 80 years ago when the family patriarch, Larry Myers, and his wife, Virgie, moved to Omaha from Kansas City.

Larry brought with him a gift for carpentry, an education in architecture, and the ability to strike up a conversation with anyone while Virgie brought with her a knowledge of retail, a keen knack for providing excellent customer service, and a head for business well beyond the times. Together they made a pretty dynamic team. Upon arrival in Omaha, Larry began a career in carpentry while Virgie supported the family as the manager of B&G Hosiery located at 16th & Farnam in downtown Omaha. It was the foundation upon which great things were to come.

Together Larry and Virgie Myers went on to form a general construction and property development company that would become the largest builder of homes and developer of neighborhoods in what is now known primarily as the Westside and District 66 community. In 1954, Larry and Virgie Myers designed, built, and managed Nebraska’s first shopping center, Countryside Village. Ten years later, they opened and began operating Rockbrook Village Shopping Center. Both businesses remain in the family to this day.

Larry’s motto was to “be of service to others, never let anyone outwork you, strive to be the best in all you do, stay humble, be kind, count your blessings, spread them to others, always put people first and focus on providing the very best customer service.”

Even though the name of the business and some of the faces have changed over the years, the team at Jordan Brothers remains committed to their high standards of excellence and emphasizes superior customer service. These are the foundational core values they built their business on nearly nine decades ago and they remain at the heart of the company.

Today the business the boys started in their youth, Jordan Brothers Mowing is part of the much larger conglomerate called Jordan Brothers LLC, a general services contractor that continues its rapid growth based on being of service to others. Jordan Brothers now owns and operates five separate businesses involved in the industries of construction, paint and drywall, holiday lighting and decor, commercial and residential snow removal, and lawn care and landscape services.

Jordan Brothers employ more than 30 full-time employees and indirectly employs hundreds of others through our numerous subcontractor relationships.

Jordan Brothers is truly “Family Owned and Family Grown”.

William “Biz” Jordan


Jordan Brothers current President, William ‘Biz’ Jordan, has worked in or been a part of the construction, landscape services, property development, and management business since before he can remember. He spent much of his youth and formative years at the side of his grandfather, Larry Myers. Biz is the catalyst of the business and the bridge between the past, its present, and the future.

harrison jordan

Vice President/Chief Operations Officer

Harrison Jordan, the eldest son of Biz, responded to requests that he start his own business by forming Jordan Brothers Mowing when he was eight years old with the help of his father and Mother, Kristina. 

Harrison attended school in Omaha and played football, achieving All-State honors, and was recruited to play for the Cornhuskers. He played fullback for the team and earned numerous team honors including being named to the All Big Ten All American Team and earning his NU Letter. He graduated from the University and went on to earn further degrees in Construction Management and Fire Sciences. 

Harrison adheres to the life lessons of his great grandfather Larry Myers to “be of service to others and always put people first”  and became a proud member of the Omaha Fire Department. He splits his time between the department and his role in Jordan Brothers. 

spencer & grant jordan

Assistant Vice Presidents / General Managers

Twins Spencer and Grant joined the business when they were only ten years old. They helped expand it by hiring classmates and were driven around town by their older sister Elyse with their mowers and trailer in tow until Harrison was old enough to get his first truck. 

Both Spencer and Grant followed in their older brother’s footsteps and played football in high school and for the Cornhuskers, earning NU letters and being named to the All Big Ten All-Academic Team as middle linebackers. They also earned their degrees at UNL and went on to earn further degrees in Construction Management and Fire Sciences. They both serve the fire department while maintaining their roles at Jordan Brothers. Spencer is the General Manager of construction and hardscape services while Grant is the General Manager of mowing, landscape services, and holiday lighting & decor.

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